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The Saskatchewan Higher Education Quality Assurance Board is authorized by The Degree Authorization Act to oversee a quality assurance review of institutions seeking degree-granting status in Saskatchewan.  The quality assurance review process ensures that new degree programs in Saskatchewan meet high quality standards that promote the recognition of Saskatchewan graduates both nationally and internationally for their academic achievements.

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Advanced Education Minister Don Morgan announced today that the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) has received authorization to grant a new Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing.

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Premier Brad Wall announced today that Briercrest College and Seminary (Briercrest) has received authorization to provide a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities.

“Briercrest is known across Canada for its academic excellence,” Wall said.  “We are pleased today to recognize that by authorizing the college to provide a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, this is the first time this has been done outside the province’s two universities.”

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Legislation enabling the government to extend degree-granting authority to post-secondary education institutions other than the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina was proclaimed today.

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In November 2013, Dr. Grant Isaac, Board Chair,  reported on the activities of the Board in its first year of operation.

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