In order to ensure that the Saskatchewan Higher Education Quality Assurance Board has sufficient diversity to represent a broad range of perspectives and that, collectively, it has the knowledge and experience necessary to perform its functions, the following competencies and composition attributes are used in the selection of Board members.

No single Board member can be expected to possess all the attributes and characteristics; however, overall, the profile of the Board should present as many of them as possible.

Mandatory Competencies

  • Recent senior administration or managerial experience
  • Program development and review experience
  • Demonstrated proficiency in teaching, scholarship, research, and service
  • Demonstrated interest in and awareness of trends and issues affecting adult education, life-long learning, and international and transnational education
  • Knowledge of the Saskatchewan post-secondary system
  • Knowledge of other post-secondary systems
  • Knowledge of or experience in various types of post-secondary institutions
  • Knowledge of policies, practices and procedures related to QA, accreditation, and audit, including those from national and international jurisdictions
  • Understanding of fair processes (e.g., natural and administrative justice)
  • Knowledge of the pedagogy of teaching and learning
  • Experience working with First Nations and Métis communities and/or institutions, and knowledge of their educational needs
  • Leadership demonstrating significant proven decision-making and leading of others in an organization
  • Understanding of gender and other forms of diversity as set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Desirable Competencies

  • Experience in student advising/mentoring
  • Planning, assessment and organizing experience
  • A record demonstrating a suitable balance between results and process orientation
  • Knowledge of and experience in the various regions of Saskatchewan, including the North
  • Knowledge of the relationship between post-secondary education and the labour market
  • Knowledge of effective learning technologies, distance education and alternative delivery systems
  • Knowledge of information management systems (learning management systems, post-secondary institution enterprise systems)
  • Knowledge of and experience in the corporate business sector

Composition Attributes

  • Resident of Saskatchewan
  • Employed by U of S
  • Employed by University of Regina
  • First Nations or Métis
  • Gender balance

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