The Degree Authorization Act and The Degree Authorization Regulations specify the powers and responsibilities of the Saskatchewan Higher Education Quality Assurance Board.

The Board’s primary duties are as follow:

  • Review the quality assurance standards that are used in the evaluation of degree programs to ensure that they remain current and aligned with national standards;
  • Review the quality assurance review processes to ensure that they remain current and aligned with national standards;
  • Undertake quality assurance reviews of programs referred to the Board by Cabinet;
  • With respect to each application referred to it, make a recommendation to the Minister, in writing:
    -  to issue the authorization with or without terms and conditions; or,
    -   to reject the application for authorization.
  • Monitor the fulfillment of any terms or conditions attached to the authorization of a degree program;
  • Conduct quality assurance reviews of degree programs that are subject to renewal of their authorization;
  • At the Minister’s request, provide insight and advice on matters related to higher education in Saskatchewan.

The Board may also

  • Interact and share best practices with similar quality assurance bodies in Canada and abroad;
  • Foster knowledge-transfer and capacity-building by organizing or participating in workshops, symposia and training programs on quality assurance;
  • Create greater awareness of the quality of advanced education in the province and assist in creating a “Saskatchewan Quality Assurance Brand” by compiling, publicizing and keeping a current, comprehensive inventory of quality assurance practices and policies used in the advanced education system in Saskatchewan;
  • Provide due diligence on “degree mills” and supply students and other members of the public with information about such organizations;
  • Assist the Ministry in the creation and maintenance of a competency matrix for members of the Board;
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of new Board members, according to the policy established by government for the process;
  • At the Minister’s request, submit a report respecting any matter within the Board’s functions, powers and terms of reference; and
  • Exercise any other prescribed powers and perform any other functions as articulated in the Regulations accompanying The Degree Authorization Act.

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